OneDirt World Short Track Champions Head to Victory Lane The 3-day inaugural event wraps up with nine division champs; New York’s Ron Davis III Sportsman Modified Champion Photo


CONCORD, N.C. - Oct. 22, 2016 - The first-ever OneDirt World Short Track Championship came to a close on Saturday night with the "crowning" of nine division champions, but the big win went to all of the 325 weekly drivers as the dirt racing family reunion brought them all to center stage.

VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modifieds

The VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modified 30-lap feature experienced a complete reshuffle as Ronnie Davis III from Memphis, N.Y took home first, up from position four; Brad Rouse took home second, up from position nine; and Danny Gagne, who started in position one, came in third.

"It might be one of the biggest wins to be out here in North Carolina," said Davis. "It's definitely a fun track and one of my favorites now. It's really really good to get a win here."

Davis took the lead early, in lap six, after passing Mike Stacey for second in lap three. Meanwhile, Rouse pushed up to four by lap three. In lap seven, Davis broadened his lead as Stacey and Gagne duked it out for second. But Rouse keep pushing on. By lap 13, Rouse was in second with quite a bit of air both in front of him, where Davis kept a strong lead, and behind, where Gagne and Stacey pushed on with Brianna Ladouceur on their tail. Five laps later, Ladouceur passed Stacey and was on Gagne, fighting for third.

Meanwhile, out in front, Davis hit traffic, but Rouse just couldn't close that gap. He cut it down a bit in lap 23, but not enough before he, too, hit lap traffic. The drivers held their positions for the remaining seven laps.

Earlier in the day, David Schilling won the first VP Racing Fuels Sportsman Modified Last Chance Showdown to transfer into the feature with Nick Guererri, Eric Giguere, and Kevin Chaffee. And Chris Cunningham won the second Last Chance Showdown to transfer with Adam Pierson, Adam Hilton, and Kole Holden.

ONEDIRT.COM World Short Track Championships

(Sportsman Modifieds 30 Laps) – RON DAVIS III, Brad Rouse, Dan Gagne, Rocky Warner, Mike Stacey, James Henry, Brianna Ladocecur, Robert Delormier, Robert Bublak, Ricky Newton, Dave Marcuccilli, Louie Jackson Jr., Greg Martin, David Schilling, Adam Pierson, Kole Holden, Kyle Inman, Derrick Brokenhagan, Chris Cunningham, Glenn Forward, Kevin Chafee, Eric Giguere, Adam Hilton, Anthony Stockman, Todd Root, Nick Guererri.